Entourage Basketball brings experienced agents from major players in the sports industry to EMG’s boutique firm. We believe in quality over quantity which allows us to give each client the personal attention they deserve. As a young but experienced agency we understand the intricacies of the business but are also privy to the millennial lifestyle and mindset. We have a strong understanding of how to use social networks and outlets to elevate our athletes’ careers on a global scale both on and off the court. Aside from contract negotiation, Entourage Basketball creates and executes marketing and endorsement deals, community outreach, branding, public relations, and charitable efforts. We understand the power of the platform of a professional athlete and fully expect our clients to give back to the community in some respect. Our goal is to create not only successful athletes but better young men.

At Entourage, our clients trust us to assist them to manage every aspect of their careers. You need a seasoned advisor who will guide you through the process as easily as possible. We have years of experience and a network of professionals to allow you the freedom to focus on your career while having the confidence to know that your needs are being taken care of. Let us help you make the best of your situation with informed decision-making and quality services tailored to your individual career including:

  • Pre-Draft Training
  • Working with expert coaches on basketball skills
  • Schedule and plan NBA workouts with prospective teams
  • Prepare for specific NBA individual workouts and interviews
  • Provide feedback through continuous dialogue with NBA GMs and coaches during pre-draft period
  • Manage media relations

EMG has opened many doors for its clients in both active and retired capacities. These opportunities include but are not limited to:​

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Relocation
  • Development of Community Relations
  • Endorsements
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Sponsorship Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Business Opportunity Evaluation
  • Promotion and Experiential Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

Visual Marketing can be a part of every aspect of the Communication process. Your Marketing will persuade the consumer’s buying behavior and your visuals will enhances that by factors of recall, memory and identity with your specific brand. EMG has focused on putting together an unmatched design team armed with skills to take your brand to the next level. These types of services include:


Videography-Utilizing professional grade camera, lighting and audio equipment, our team can transform your video ideas into reality.
Motion Graphic -Graphic design is a part of our every day lives, and with motion graphics, we can bring life into your designs, brands and logos.
Photography-We use professional grade cameras, and lighting equipment to capture the moments that are worth capturing through digital photography.
Graphic Design- we can create graphic designs for whatever you need, whether it be business cards, or logos, we got you covered.
Web Development- We take your brand identity and transform it into a beautiful, unique and powerful website that not only looks great, but is easy to navigate, understand and use, too.

We recognize that you may have interest in giving back to your community, helping the youth and building your brand positively, which is why we will help set up fundraisers, charity events, autograph signings, summer camps, parties, etc. We are also capable of securing sponsors for such events. If there is a specific cause you would like to advocate for or work actively with, we can use our resources to help you start your own charity or find one for you to work with that fits your interests.